Perch and Parrow Reviews

Shopping Affordable, Unique Furniture and Home wares at Perch & Parrow

Perch and Parrow London is an online store based out of London that stocks beautiful and “lovingly-created” furniture and home wares that are both trendy and high-quality. They boast of their stylists creating custom-designed furniture and accessories that can be made-to-order to fit your own unique style and taste as well. Perch and Parrow is thus able to create a shopping experience that feels catered to you, even just through the use of their online platform. Because their website is so user-friendly and catered to the consumer, it leaves you feeling reassured that you are getting a quality product from a company that cares about their customer and their individual decorating needs. Here are some of their greatest perks:

130 Fabric Swatches

Perch and Parrow have 130 different fabric upholstery options for their furniture, letting you custom design your pieces to fit your taste and needs. The shop shows an understanding of the customers needs by recognizing that you may typically be used to feeling and seeing fabric in person before making a purchase, and providing free fabric samples upon request. Using the website, a customer can start with a request of six fabric swatches to try out and the best part is, it only takes 2-3 days for the swatch packet to get to you. No waiting around for weeks to make the decision, thus making the customer more inclined to just go into a local store instead, Perch and Parrow assure efficiency. If the first six swatches don’t do it for you, you are welcome to come back and try another six, still free of charge. Perch and Parrow allow your creativity and preferences to take priority with this service, making shopping through their furniture a more enjoyable experience.

Variety That Is Easy to Navigate

When shopping the Perch and Parrow website, you won’t find yourself overwhelmed by options or having trouble sorting through to find the specific type of furniture or accessory you need. Items are categorized neatly in a menu across the top of the page, allowing you to sort specifically through sofas, beds, tables, lighting and more depending on your needs. Once you’ve chosen the furniture type you’re looking for, you can narrow things down even more to things like amount of seating, size, features, etc. if you already know what you are in need of and don’t want to do much browsing.

When new collections are available, they are featured on the homepage of the website as well as under the option of “New In” in the selections menu. This option is perfect if you are looking to do some browsing from the newest trends and designs in homeware. You will be able to see everything that is new, from cushions to clocks to full size furniture such as couches or mattresses.

Perch and Parrow Makes Luxury and Choice Affordable

One of the easiest ways to save money at Perch and Parrow is by signing up for their newsletter. The option should be presented to you as you browse the page, in the form of a pop up, and the offer will give you a coupon for 10% off when you spend more than 100 euros. This is an easy way to get a bit of a Perch and Parrow discount code, especially if you are making a large furniture purchase.

One of the best things about Perch & Parrow is their wide variety of customizable options for your more long-term purchases, such as couches or seating. These are pieces that you can trust will stay in good condition over time, so they are worth the investment. Often when trying to be frugal with furniture pieces, you may find you aren’t able to have any customization or variety in your options. With Perch & Parrow, nearly all of their options investment-purchase are customizable to fit your taste. So even if you are choosing a sale piece of a smaller love seat, you will have plenty of options to make it exactly what you want. For pieces that have these options, you can see easily exactly how many fabrics are available while browsing as the color availability is listed right under the name of the product. Most are available in all 128 color and fabric options!

Perch & Parrow has seasonal sales, as well as a clearance “Last Chance” section when they are not having a sale. The shopping menu has either a “Sale” or “Last Chance” option so that if you are only interested in items that have been discounted, you can find them all easily in one place. Certain items in the “Last Chance” section are not on sale, but rather being discontinued or phased out to make room for new designs, so you may also find one-of-a-kind pieces here that will not be available much longer. This is also a good reminder that if you see something on Perch and Parrow that you love, you may be better off purchasing it at full price (or with the 10% newsletter discount) rather than waiting for it to go on sale, as certain designs may not last forever on the shop and you don’t want to miss out by waiting to make the purchase. Discounted items are shown with both their full and sale price so that you can see how much is being taken off the price if you are a bargain hunter!

Affordable Statement Accessories from Perch & Parrow UK

One of the most interesting, fun to browse parts of Perch & Parrow is their Accessories section. Here you can find decorative items that are both on-trend but also one-of-a-kind in variety. Stylish mirrors, beautiful art prints, various vases and interesting sculptures all come up as you browse through more than ten pages of selections. Most accessories and decorative items are under fifty euros, with the exception of larger items. These prices are competitive with most mid-to-high range decorative local shops and boutiques where similar items would be found. While you may be able to find less expensive alternatives to statues and mirrors, their quality would not be as high and the item would most likely not last or look as high quality as an item from Perch & Parrow. This websites products are more original and intricate than those you can find at discount or variety stores, which makes their price tag worth the value of the product. That said, the products are certainly still affordable to the mid-to-high range shopper and with the combination of sale and first-time-shopper 10% discount, those looking to stay within a budget should be satisfied with the options they find.

Perch and Parrow is a great solution to local homeware and furniture shops that may not feature the customizable variety and easy-to-browse sales that this website has to offer. The website also prioritizes helping the customer measure and assess products before buying, to help assure that when a purchase is made it is 100% correct for the consumer. They have “Need Help Measuring Up?” options as well as dimensions on all of their furniture products. This commitment to their buyer is consistent across their website, as they also offer discounts to those who sign up for their newsletter, and the free sample pack of fabric options all indicate that they care about their customer and their customers experience. The website also features a blog that elaborates on their products, how they can be styled and used, and other design ideas if you are in need of some creative spark. If you are looking to have a positive at-home, stress free shopping experience for your home, look no further than Perch & Parrow’s great locally-made selection.